Custom Cards

Creating a new Set

After running the mod for the first time, you should see a config folder for CustomCards. Inside of this folder is where you will setup your new card set. The Test Set.json is just an example of how to do it.

The first portion of the file deals with card rarity. You just specify how many of each rarity you want.
Under that is the potion effect to give the player for wearing the medal.
The first effect is for an unenchanted medal. The second is used when the medal has Buddy Boost I while the third one is for having Buddy Boost 2.

The last thing in this file is the name of the set.

After you have that done, save the file as something other then Test Set.json and then start it back up.
If everything was done correctly you will have a new resource pack that contains everything you need to render your set. The only thing you have to with the Resource Pack is change the en_us.json to use the right names and tool tips for your cards. If you don’t then you will see [No Name] and [No Tooltip] for all your cards.

Additionally you need to set the textures for all of them up. CustomCards will generate base files for you to edit.

Using the new Set

After it is set up and made to look how you want it, you will need to do a few other things to make it usable.

In /config/CustomCards/datapack/ you will have a pre-made Data Pack to use. Currently this pack only adds the tags for the medals to be worn in your curios medal slot. You will need to either add this into the Data Pack folder for the world manually or you can use another mod that loads Data Packs like OpenLoader.

You can also add recipes and other things to the Data Pack as well. Keep in mind that this mod only creates the new set for you. You still have to add ways to get the packs/cards and what not.