Game Design Portfolio

This was one of my college projects and was one of the first things that I created in Unreal Engine.
Everything in the level, except for the character, was done by myself.
This was my first level design focused project and the first time I used splines.

This project was one that I made on my own to get more familiar with using Unreal Engine.
I started working with AI and projectiles in order for this to function.
The level itself is a modular grid that allows for easy setup and designing.

This game was another school project where we had to create a level with multiple paths to the end and optional objectives.

Each of these videos shows the level at various steps in the project. Explaining level layout and mechanics.

As the project progressed, I created more mechanics and actors to make the level feel more flushed out.

This final video of Biohazard Escape showcases all of the mechanics of the level in detail and how I created it in Unreal Engine.


This is one of the first things that I created for Floraphobia. It’s easy to add new recipes and create new crafting tables. The items are also easy to create and are simple to use.

This video was created to explain how to create and use my elevator system that I designed for Floraphobia.