Chest Shops


To get started you will need a few things:

  • Chest
  • Sign
  • Redstone
  • Items to buy/sell


Firstly, place a sign where you want the shop to be. On the first line, place the shop tag inside square brackets: [tag]. The tag is not case sensitive.

The Chest Shop tags are:

  • buy
  • sell
  • adminbuy
  • adminsell

After that you may put anything on lines 2 and 3. I would recommend using them to give info about the item being sold/bought.

The last line is the price of the interaction.


To link the sign to your shop, right click the sign with the redstone dust. It should update the price and the tag to the proper formatting and send a message to you that you are linking the shop.

Next simply right click the chest that has the items you want to buy or sell at a time. The shops are designed to be able to sell multiple items as well, like a full armor set for example.

If you put in 3 stacks of cobblestone, then 3 stacks will be sold/bought at once for the price listed on the sign.


There are two permissions needed for a player to be able to make a shop.

Firstly, they need perms for the type of shop they want to create.

  • Buy Shops:
  • Sell Shops: shop.chest.user.sell
  • Admin Buy Shops:
  • Admin Sell Shops: shop.chest.admin.sell

If you want the player to be able to make both the buy and sell shops then give them the “shop.chest.user.*” perm. Similarly if you want the player to be able to make admin shops give them the “shop.chest.admin.*” and if you want them to be able to make any shop just give them “shop.chest.*”.

Secondly, there is a limit to how many shops a player can make. The limit is a permission that starts with this: “serverutils.maxshops.”. Simply give the player/rank that permission, followed by the max shops you want them to be able to make, and that will set the permission.

For example, if you wanted the default rank to have 10 shops max then use: “/rank permission add default serverutils.maxshops.10”