Creating a Title

To create a title you just use: /titles create [name] [title]. The [name] is just what the title will be called, make sure not to include a space in this one. For [title] you put the desired title with color codes. For example: /titles create dev &8[&2Dev&8].

Deleting a Title

All you need to do is just run /titles delete [name]. Use the name of the title and it will be removed. Currently, it will just remove the title from the server but it won’t remove it from the players.

Using Titles

To choose a title use /titles. This will list the server titles and the ones that you can use will be green. From there, just use /title set [name] using the name of the desired title.

If you want to get rid of the title, just use /title unset. This will clear your title.


The permissions for titles are formatted like this: title.[name]. The players need to have the command.titles.set.title (by default) as well as the permission for a specific title or they won’t be able to set a title.