To create a new rank, use /rank create [name]. Replacing [name] with the name of the rank you wish to create.


To set a rank prefix use /rank prefix [rank] [prefix]. The prefixes accept color-codes, but you must surround the name in quotes. For example: /rank prefix default “&8[&7Player&8]”

The rank with the highest priority will be the one who has it’s prefix displayed. To change the priority of a rank, use /rank priority [rank] [priority]


To set the prefix it is similar to prefixes, just use /rank suffix [rank] [suffix] instead.


To add a permission to a rank, you will want to use /rank permission add [rank] [permission].
To remove one use /rank permission remove [rank] [permission].

Discord Roles

In order for a rank to also give a discord role a few things need to be setup.

  • The Discord Bot needs to be setup and working. The guide can be found here.
  • A role needs to be created for each rank you want to have linked.

A player also won’t be able to get the roles unless they are both in the discord and have linked their Discord and Minecraft accounts.

To link a rank to a role, all you need to do is run /rank discord [rank] [serverID] [roleID].
To get the serverID and roleID you need to right click on both the server icon and the role and click ‘Copy ID’. These only show up if you have developer mode turned on, which you should if you set up the bot.

When it is done, any time a player gets that rank or links their account they will be given the role.

One thing to note: The bot can only give roles that are lower in the list than its own role. So it is best to move the Role for your bot above any of the roles you wish to give players.